23 Janby Company Updates, New Features, Product Info, Video Conferencing, Zapier

New Year, New You, New Us – Introducing Exciting New Features on MaestroConference

Introducing Video Conferencing in Social Webinar

It seems as if we blinked, and just like that, 2016 is the past, 2017 is our present, and we’re living out Back to the Future II with a casino owner in the Oval Office. With a new year upon us, we reflect on what we’ve accomplished and look forward with hope to what this

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17 Novby Company Updates, New Features, Product Info, Video Conferencing

Big Cool New Stuff on the MaestroConference Platform this Month

When our Engineering and Product teams sit down to begin deciding which features to work on in the next engineering sprint, the first thing they do is reach out to our Customer Support team with one simple question: “What do our customers want/need?” We review, digest, process every comment you leave on the feedback surveys,

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23 Janby General, Product Info

“Social Conferencing”…not an ordinary teleconference! (part 2)

Yesterday (in our initial thoughts on Social Conferencing) we promised you a step-by-step outline of how to create a social conferencing event for your community – here it is!

22 Janby General, Product Info

“Social Conferencing”, what is it?

We all understand the power and importance of communication.  Often, communicating with depth, conviction and authenticity can be quite natural when we’re speaking in person, one-on-one. However, many of us struggle with how to effectively create the same intimate level of connection in a one-to-many situation – especially when we’re not face to face. This

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