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Our #1 Rated Crowdfunding Opportunity Closing Soon

MaestroConference's Crowdfunding Opportunity - Highest Rated on Stratifund

Given the faster-than-anticipated success of our Equity Crowdfunding campaign, we’ve decided to close this initial round once we achieve a goal of $200,000. This will enable us to put the funds to use increasing revenue and reopen next year with a proportionately higher valuation. http://www.wefunder.com/maestroconference We want to make sure you have a chance to

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VoiceVoice -Purposeful Conversations with Cutting-Edge Technology and Best-Practice Facilitation: A Media Example

To quote content marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk: great content marketing means “stop talking and start listening, create great content, and reach audiences through niche producers.”   But how to do this – and why? We’re noticing that live events with custom content are increasingly becoming a trend… and there’s a reason why.  Technology has given

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Maximizing Your Marketing in 2015

As we enter a new year, we’d like to offer you some tips to help you grow your business. Specifically, here are our suggestions about how to effectively market your virtual workshops, trainings and events. With MaestroConference, you can offer your expertise to large audiences while still keeping a deep level of intimacy with your

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We’re Excited About Social Webinar

  I, as CEO of MaestroConference, am grateful beyond words to all of you who are our loyal and inspiring customers.  At MaestroConference we’ve got a mission to light up the world with the power of meaningful, large-scale conversations. We want to enable every person’s voice to be heard, and we can’t accomplish our mission

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Democracy for the Next Generation

Let’s talk about the topic of Democracy for the Next Generation. Why it is that so few people are talking about this?  Perhaps now’s a key time for citizens to address this important issue. Collectively, I think we’re forgetting we actually have the technology to optimize around the systems that are failing us. Our technology

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