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Nichole Schlecht
Nichole Schlecht, Digital Marketing Consultant, MaestroConference
General Marketing Your Business

How to use Social Media to Boost the Impact of Your Webinars


Social media is a powerful tool when promoting your events.  Use social media efficiently and you can increase the impact of your webinars exponentially!  Here are some ways to leverage social media before during and after the event.

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General Marketing Your Business

Building Your Business with Social Media: An Interview with Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener, Author & Book Writing Coach


There was a time social media seemed like an optional marketing platform, but the conversation has drifted from whether to invest time and resources on social media to how much to invest and how to do it.

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10 Habits of Amazing Facilitators

When you host an event or present to an audience, you have a purpose. Whether you are connecting thought leaders, helping people generate new ideas, build your organization or educate a group, you want your audience to be engaged. This means inspiring people towards action.

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General Webinar Success Tips

Top 10 Worst Webinar Mistakes

Good webinars are hard to find. After years of hosting and attending events, we came up with this list of the top 10 worst webinar mistakes people make to help you avoid the same pitfalls.

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