How to use Social Media to Boost the Impact of Your Webinars


Social media is a powerful tool when promoting your events.  Use social media efficiently and you can increase the impact of your webinars exponentially!  Here are some ways to leverage social media before during and after the event.

Before Your Webinar

Boost Registrations

Create posts for your event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn.  Make sure you entice your audience enough to get them to click through.  Provide details on your webinar topic, what your participants can expect and how they can register.

Pro tip: Include an eye-catching image that conveys the topic or audience you’re targeting.

Generate Excitement

Begin promoting your webinar two to three weeks before the event, increasing the volume as you get closer.  Share bite-sized morsels about the topic that will be covered during the webinar in your social media posts.

During Your Webinar

Extend Your Reach

Integrate social media into your event to extend the conversation farther than the boundaries of the webinar.  By providing access to social tools, it allows your participants to engage with their audience without disengaging from your webinar.

Pro tip: Including pre-made posts and tweets make it a no-brainer for your participants to share with their social network.

Generate Feedback

Ask poll questions to engage your participants and share the results via social media.  You can also use it to get instant feedback on your presentation, speakers and content.

After Your Webinar

Add Value

There are plenty of ways to add value after a webinar.  Here are a few:

  • Share the recording so anyone that wasn’t able to attend or anyone that wants to revisit the information provided has access.
  • Create a whitepaper or blog post about the topic discussed during the event and share via social media.  Pro tip: Create an event-specific hashtag to share with webinar attendees specifically.
  • Keep the conversation going!  It’s likely you didn’t have the opportunity to answer all questions asked by your participants.  You can use tweets and posts to answer those questions after the webinar has concluded.

Capture Additional Leads

With all of the buzz generated before and during the webinar, you’ll likely have many more people interested in your webinar content.  You can capture those additional leads by using a web form to allow them access to the recorded session or your slide deck.

Share how you use social media to promote your webinars in the comments below or send us a tweet @MaestroConf!  We’d love to hear from you!

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