10 Habits of Amazing Facilitators

When you host an event or present to an audience, you have a purpose. Whether you are connecting thought leaders, helping people generate new ideas, build your organization or educate a group, you want your audience to be engaged. This means inspiring people towards action.

Here are 10 habits of amazing facilitators:

1. They Know Their Audience

Mindful facilitators know that if they keep the attention of the audience, they’ll be successful in getting their message across and reaching their goal. Telling stories to draw people in, as TED speakers often do, is one approach to get attention.

2. They Know What can be Achieved

Every time you have another individual’s attention, you have an opportunity. Amazing facilitators see the opportunity and embrace it.  They understand what they need to do to inspire their audience, educate them, or get them to make a purchase.

3. They Stay on Topic

Successful speakers pick a subject and stick to it. Each event has a purpose, and they remain on topic throughout the presentation.

4. They Inspire Action

Amazing facilitators do not just know how to keep their audience engaged: they encourage people to take action.

5. They Invite Interaction

Through opening the space to allow the audience to interact and engage with them or others, facilitators are increasing the awareness of the audience, improving attention and make the event more successful.

6. They Provide a Clear Promise & Deliver

Facilitators know that they need to provide a clear answer to “what’s in it for me?” They let their audience know what they will learn by showing up, how it will make their life easier or better and then deliver on that promise.

7. They are Ready for Anything

Successful facilitators prepare and research before the event ever takes place, so they are ready to present their ideas to the audience and are ready for any distractions, questions or mishaps that may occur.

8. They Practice

Every successful facilitator takes the time to practice (and practice often) before an event. They understand what it means and what it takes to deliver a presentation flawlessly.  Practice makes perfect!

9. They Respect the Time

They respect the time given to them by their audience. They know that a person’s time is valuable, so they work to honor the time given to them by staying on schedule during the event.

10. They Use Their Tools Effectively

All facilitators know that having the right tools is important. What great facilitators know is how to use them effectively.

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