The Power of Conversations: An Unconference Example

Kaiser Permanente cares about getting more Americans walking & bicycling because people who bike & walk healthier. We helped them get transportation experts and community members to crowdsource ideas on how to inspire people to bike and walk more—without re-paving any streets.

Over the course of three 90-minute Movement Accelerator Event Series sessions held over three days, participants gathered from across the United States and self-organized by topic to discuss potential solutions to improving access to active, healthy transportation options. Participants collaborated in documents while speaking by phone. People connected with other attendees in the “hallway”—similar to the “water cooler” or “coffee bar” chat at an in-person conference. Moreover, they tweeted and blogged about what they learned.

What kinds of breakthroughs happened?

This unique process catalyzed multiple unexpected ideas. Here are few blog posts summarizing what happened:

April 13: Improving Collaboration on Transportation Planning: How can DOTs do better?
April 15: Creating Streets Where We All Feel Safe and Respected
April 17: Spreading the Word on the Upcoming Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking and Walkability

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