Introducing the Movement Accelerator! Your Guide to Accelerating a Movement

Aside from dance parties, movements can grow in many different ways. For example, President Obama’s campaign was one of the first to really use a successful grassroots social media campaign. MaestroConference was one of the tools that Obama For America (OFA – now Organizing for America) used to support the campaign and grow a national, political movement.

Over the years, we’ve incorporated some of OFA’s tricks of the trade and more to create a formula for corporations to use to grow their brand. Here’s a brief overview and some of the highlights:

What is the purpose of a Movement Accelerator?

The purpose of a Movement Accelerator is to support, energize, and inspire participants in an association, alliance, coalition, network, or initiative. Participants are collectively empowered to focus their own agenda so that it speaks to their needs. This catalyzes action, allowing the sponsoring organization to convene a meaningful and valuable engagement without the need for speakers or planning sessions.

What are some expected outcomes?

  • Identify and plan collective action
  • Provide peer support for current projects
  • Build relationships through networking and socializing
  • Engage in collective inquiry and innovation on topics of pressing concern

What is the structure of a Movement Accelerator?

The Movement Accelerator series is composed of three MaestroConference events using our patented Social Webinar technology.  They are:

  • Event 1: Supporting What’s in Motion: A conversation focused on peer consulting, where one participant is a case giver and three or four others provide support as thinking partners. A template is offered to guide these conversations.
  • Event 2: Inquiring and Learning Together: Participants select which topics to attend, in sessions for about 45 minutes. An individual session format may vary. For example, it could include an introduction and smaller breakout groups as well. Participants from each discussion are asked to develop a brief statement to share with the larger group. They are also asked to identify of possible actions. These action steps will be used to seed the final event.
  • Event 3: Into Action: A process is designed to support both immediate action at the end of the call, e.g. social media posts, invitations to future events, and commitments. There will also be time to launch volunteer teams to pursue more in-depth work.

Each event has 3 parts: a pre-event, the main event and a cocktail hour. Each event offers tools for submitting ideas, collective prioritization, polling, receiving payments, fundraising, etc.

Why does this type of conference accelerate a movement?

People need connection, to be heard and to know their input is valued. Each component of the Movement Accelerator event series is geared to maximizing these aspects. When you’ve created a community of people that feel vested in your mission and take action, you’ve started a movement.

You can learn more details by taking a peek at our Movement Accelerator flyer.



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