2014 – What Do We Want to Create Together?

What can 2014 look like if together, we…

Have collective, intentional conversations about health care?

Imagine a social conferencing event, hosted by MaestroConference, where health care companies get to hear what is important to you? Where you can express where your needs are not being met, and share what is working for you? Imagine small breakout groups where you can hear connective stories from other like-minded citizens, and large group discussions about health care topics that matter to you most. 

Have collective, intentional conversations about technology?

Imagine a virtual gathering where technology enthusiasts can hear about groundbreaking concepts that are pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology. What if you could be part of an intentional conversation that discusses how new advancements can transform the world we live in?  What contributions would you have? What type of world do you envision?

Have collective, intentional conversations about conscious evolution?

Imagine intentional conversations geared towards mindfulness.  Focused gatherings designed to support corporations as they bring deeper awareness into the corporate culture.  How could this change the company that you work for?  How could supporting this evolution in consciousness transform the world as we know it?  How would you contribute? 

Join MaestroConference this year as we support our world in…

  • Conversations of substance

  • A new way of gathering as a global tribe

  • A virtual connection that is holistic and engaging

  • Celebrating the collective human spirit by honoring each individual voice

As MaestroConference expands our vision,  these are some examples of the types of intentional conversations we’re planning that will help create the world we want for 2014. Stay tuned!

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