From our CEO: My Expression of Higher Purpose…What’s Yours?

Dear Friends,

One of the secrets for me in creating MaestroConference is that I got crystal clear about my higher purpose before starting it, which proved essential to navigate through all the ups and downs. That makes it more than a business – it’s intrinsic to my personal mission in this lifetime.

Those first couple of years here – raising money as the markets collapsed, and facing the chaos of a startup as we launched – were some of the most professionally challenging times of my life. If I wasn’t so clear about WHY I was doing it, I’m not sure we’d be here today, growing and serving amazing customers.  Plus, we would not have attracted the right people and partners, who could feel that higher purpose in all we were doing.

So I know from personal experience that clarifying true purpose is key for any entrepreneur.

Tim Kelley is the foremost purpose trainer and coach I know of, and I had the honor to get to know him a couple years before I started MaestroConference.  Lots of people talk about purpose.  Tim, uniquely, brought an incredible discipline to defining purpose (with 3 distinct aspects) and then scientifically measuring which techniques reliably lead to someone finding and articulating why someone is here, in a way that resonates with themselves and with others, and which gives clear direction.

One of the secrets to finding our higher purpose is to access a higher part of our being to get a clearer compass reading than our usual mind.

That’s part of what makes Tim’s purpose work so powerful – he integrates this “higher” realm with all the practicality of a mathematician, military guy and trained entrepreneur.

That’s why I highly recommend Tim to anyone who has a sense that they should be up to something bigger, or who feels a little confused about how to pursue their purpose as they understand it.

Tim has worked behind the scenes with famous authors, thought leaders, and even Fortune 500 CEOs.

This Saturday, he’s revealing his methods for accessing higher guidance (a key part of finding your purpose) in a free seminar through our friends at the Shift Network.

I highly recommend checking it out – let me know in the Comments section about your questions or experiences!

Looking forward to hearing about YOUR purpose,

Brian Burt, Founder & CEO

ps. Here’s some info about it:

The 5 Steps to Accessing Higher Guidance: How to Reliably Open Your Channel to Higher Wisdom, Lead a Flourishing Life and Make your Greatest Contribution.

During this seminar,  Tim will reveal:

  • The three different types of sources that can provide clarity about your path (and which one will work best for you!)

  • The two key obstacles that prevent more than 99% of people from having clear access to higher guidance (and how to remove them!)

  • Four different connection methods you can use on your own (and which ones have the highest rates of success!)

  • How to most effectively deepen your connection to your guidance over the next two months

Tim is passionate about guiding people committed to making the world a better place into a personal relationship with direct guidance that is verifiable, clear, repeatable, and grounded in actual results.

If you’d like to discover how to open to more consistent guidance so you can build your business with more grace and walk your path with confidence, I recommend this call!  Click here for details and to register (it’s FREE).

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