Highlights at MaestroConference – Week of April 8th

Our first highlight is hosted by Anne Marie Gillen’s (executive producer of Fried Green Tomatoes) company, the Gillen Group.  She is offering a social conferencing event titled The Seven Major Principles and Practices Common Among the Film Industry’s Most Successful Producers.

To learn more about how Anne is merging business with creativity, here are some of Anne’s recent blog posts.

Another key social conferencing event is being hosted by Amy Lenzo.  If you’ve never heard of Amy, check out her brain child The World Cafe.  This non-profit has been hosting world impact events that change the way the global conversations happen.  This week’s event is called the Wiser Together Cafe.  To learn more about how MaestroConference and the World Cafe have been working together to change global conversations, visit weDialogue.

Also this week, Gary Zukav, author of the Seat of the Soul and a frequent guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays, will be hosting the Authentic Power Learning Community social conferencing event.  To learn more about authentic power and spiritual partnerships, visit the Seat of the Soul website.

If you’re interested in participating in a powerful MaestroConference social conferencing event, here’s one:  FREE Introduction to Compassionate Communication hosted by Doyle Banks.  This teleseminar is open to the public and touches on topics from being heard to how to listen effectively.  The event is this Thursday, April 11, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Pacific.  To learn more about how non-violent communication can transform the lives of those you care about, visit Speak-Love.

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