The Man Behind the Curtain

Do you ever wonder what goes into the technical aspects of MaestroConference, that provides you the streamlined social conferencing events you’ve come to love?

We wanted to give you a chance to peek under our hood at the technical wonders that make MaestroConference tick.  So we’ve had Imran Moinuddin, our “Man Behind the Curtain”, share this quick peek behind the scenes…

Designing an architecture that supports thousands of callers at a time can be a technical challenge, especially when working with an intricate server stack tying into the telcos. Any time we need to apply fixes to improve back-end performance – and subsequently user experience – we make it a point to follow a clear set of steps as a standard practice:

– We ensure that we’ve got ample data on hand to confirm that there is indeed a problem, and that the reported issues aren’t because of human error. (More server heuristic data is always useful!)

– We profile the problem / bottleneck clearly and spend the time needed to understand the nature of the bottleneck itself . This is where a solid hand on scripting and parsing comes in handy.

– The team creates a series of proposals to mitigate the issue, and the proposals are vetted for their ability to address the problem.

– In isolation, we run large call simulations with the best proposals implemented, to ensure that the bottleneck has been addressed and the rest of the user experience hasn’t been impacted.

Even when such fixes are shifted to the customer-facing side, our team continues to run extensive cycles of testing to ensure that servers are humming and conversations keep rolling during your MaestroConference event!

We’d love to hear any questions you have about how we problem solve, or other “behind the curtain” questions about our technology.  Please share!

– Imran Moinuddin

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