This Week on MaestroConference

MaestroConference’s first highlight for this week is the Plexus Institute. This is an intertwined community of diverse people – scientists, business executives, nurses, artists, teachers, journalists, researchers, physicians, college students, community leaders, and thinkers – united in their determination to create something better.

By learning from and with each other, they’re making strides against some of the major problems afflicting society and human organizations. Lisa Kimball will be hosting the call on our platform.  For the past three years, Lisa has been working with hospitals and healthcare facilities applying Positive Deviance methodology to the problem of eliminating transmission of hospital-acquired “superbug” infections. The call is titled “Buildings Designed for Beauty, Life and Work”. The Plexus Institute excels at offering web conferences that change the way the world lives.

Our next highlight is John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Hoodwinked and Shape Shifting.  If you have not experienced a web conference – let alone an in-person event with this amazing individual – you are missing out!  Not only is John a generous, compassionate and giving man, his stories and life history have been on the pulse of the unseen world that makes the reality of our everyday experience tick.  The Shift Network will be hosting his event, Path of the Dreamshifter.

Finally, Clint Borgen is Founder and President of The Borgen Project, an organization working to bring U.S. political attention to global poverty. Borgen works nationally with Congressional leaders to build support for legislation that improves conditions for people in developing nations. He’s widely regarded as one of the leading poverty-reduction campaigners in the United States. The Borgen Project has been described as an innovative, national campaign that works with U.S. leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis. To get involved in ending global poverty, click here.

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