The Middle of Summer – Already?!

Yes, it’s true – we’ve reached the middle of summer.  So if you’ve been wanting to take advantage of the longer days, the opportunity to change your body, your mind or your spirit – there’s no better time than now!  Here are a few MaestroConference customer highlights that might help you reach your summer goals, all through the miracle of social conferencing…

 Have you ever heard of Nia? It’s really quite amazing – a movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.  To read more about Nia, visit their site.  MaestroConference is being used as the social conferencing event platform to offer a Nia 5 Stages Tele Course.

Next, Marieken Volz serves her global community by leading vibrational meditations, and her meditation calls help to focus and calm your mind.  Take a peek at her website and try out some of her techniques.  You might find this summer feels more tranquil and longer than ever.

Our final highlight, Sue Morter, is a guest at The Shift Network. Sue will be sharing about how to unlock your energy codes, recalibrate your soul and maximize your potential. To get a better idea of her work, watch her TEDxNASA talk below. You can also visit her website.


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