What’s Going On at MaestroConference? Week of 3/11/2013

Wow!  We’ve got a line up for you this week…here are just a few of our customers who are hosting social conferencing events on MaestroConference:

Neale Donald Walsch and Maria Ribeiro-Ferreira  are giving a call on their Inner Journey series.  If you want to support Neale’s work right now, check out this historic auction Neale’s promoting.

If you’re looking for something more tantalizing, Lisa Schrader inspires your senses with passionate connection.  This week, she’s embracing social conferencing to offer her Shakti Initiation Program.

And if you’re looking to participate in an event open to the public, The Shift Network is offering A Course in Mastery with don Miguel Ruiz.

Enjoy this week’s lineup, and we’ll see you next week!

Joshua Home Edwards, Client Success Engineer

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