Exciting Events @ MaestroConference – Week of March 18th

Have you heard about Lisa Tener?  If not, she’s spectacular and wicked good at supporting authors.  She recently won the 2012 American Business Award for her Bring Your Book to Life Program.   So, if you or someone you know is in the process of writing a book – you’ve got to check out her event (open to the public) called Birth Your Book 2013!

Another exciting MaestroConference social conferencing event is Mark Silver’s Alumni Community Meeting Hall.  Talk about a creative way of gathering your community virtually, and creating an environment that feels like a town hall meeting.  Incredibly creative! Our hat’s off to Mark.

Our final highlight for this week is Sharla Jacobs & Jesse Koren’s Laying the Foundation for Your Success Program.  It’s a Thrive Academy production, and if you’re an entrepreneur and never heard of “Heart Selling”, this will change how you attract clients, forever.

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