The MaestroConference Holiday Party: Fore!

We held our annual holiday party this week at Subpar Miniature Golf in Alameda. Our local team had a blast playing mini-golf and air hockey, and then we did a white elephant gift exchange.

On the way there, we stopped at the Alameda Food Bank to drop off a donation. (Food banks all over the country are struggling to keep up with demand, so we encourage you to do the same at your local food bank.)

Mark from Marketing was the mini-golf champ (no fair, since he’s the only real golfer in the group), and Adam from Customer Support won the air hockey battle.

The mini-golf course, by the way, consists of replicas of many of the famous landmarks around the Bay Area. And navigating the course is actually a lot like trying to find parking in San Francisco 🙂

Thank you to our hyper-efficient Officer Manager, Thais, for putting it all together and getting us in a festive (and competitive) mood!

Here are some pictures of the action. Next year? Probably a pinball contest.

Adam and Celeste take on the challenge.
From the left: Thais, Julia and Brian test their skills.
An intense battle of air hockey.
So Close...
So Close…
This one is a bit tricky...
That’s Adam’s ball ALMOST going into the hole.
Here goes Adam!
The dreaded Golden Gate Double Loop.

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