Passionate Leadership…

Passion is what inspires, motivates and changes the world, one leader at a time.  This week, we’re featuring three passionate leaders who are using their message to change the world.

Our first leader, Lissa Rankin, was recently featured in O Magazine regarding her book Mind Over Medicine.  Lissa is motivated to change our healthcare system and how we view wellness.  MaestroConference is proud to be her choice for webinars that bring her message to life.  We support Lissa and her colleagues in creating wellness from the inside out.

Our second leader is Liora Mendeloff, the President and Founder of the Women Speakers Association.  Liora has tapped into the zeitgeist of women leadership by creating this community of women from 120 countries.   The Women Speakers Association understands we have moved into a new phase of collaboration and contribution: women, working together and sharing their message, can change the world we live in. How do you connect women leaders from 120 countries? Liora uses the social conferencing power of MaestroConference to bring life, inspiration and action to her virtual community.  To learn more about the Women Speakers Association, click here.

Finally, Andrew Harvey is passionate about Sacred Activism.  Andrew can clearly see that Sacred Activism – the fusion of the deepest mystical knowledge, peace, strength, and stamina with calm focused and radical action – can create a world of harmony and empowerment.  He has chosen the work of Rumi in combination with the power of MaestroConference to offer a webinar called Rumi and the Way of Passion.  If you’re inspired to participate, this ten week journey begins October 8th.

We invite you to consider the questions: What is your passion? And how can we support you in spreading your message and changing the world?

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