New Enhancements on MaestroConference (Summer 2019)

We know it’s been awhile since our last update about MaestroConference- rest assured, we’re still continuing to enhance the platform based on your valuable feedback. Check out some of the new MaestroConference enhancements below.


Good news! It’s now MUCH easier and faster to add multiple participants, presenters and assistants to your next event.

As one of our longest-tenured customers observed, adding multiple callers to your event used to take a lot of mouse clicks when it should have been a “one click operation.”

And now it is. Click here for details on how to quickly add multiple callers + PINs.

Want to be able to tap the knowledge and insight from every person on your event?

Crowdsource the best ideas for discussion from your audience – live & direct during your event – using the Idea Board in Social Webinar.

Give your audience the chance to submit their ideas for topics of discussion (before or during the event). Participants can vote for (or against) a submitted idea, and the most popular suggestions move to the top of the list.

Click here to learn more about Idea Board (included in all MaestroConference subscriptions).

Idea Board on MaestroConference

Host Large Calls (up to 5,000 people) for Less $

Engage more people at a much lower cost with our Prepaid Participants Promotion. You can save up to 83% off your next large call event (up to 5,000+ people) with our Prepaid Participants Promotion. (Prepaid participant credits can be used at any time and never expire.)

Click here to learn more or message us at to get started.

Save up to 83% Off Large Calls with our Prepaid Promotion

Have you had a chance to test out our new HTML5 Interface?

Over the coming months, we’ll be transitioning away from the Flash-based version of the Conductor Interface (many browsers will stop supporting Flash in the near future).

The new HTML5-based Conductor Interface is iOS friendly, so you can conduct from your mobile, tablet, iPhone or iPad (yay!). You’ll find it right beside the “Conduct Now” button in the interface.

We’re still working out the kinks with HTML5 CI and would appreciate your feedback.

Watch, pause and discuss videos with your participants during your event by using Youtube View.

As the event host, you can control what they see when, so you can talk about the video in the middle of it and they won’t get lost. Check out this 96-second video explaining Youtube View (note: included in all MaestroConference plans; Youtube View not accessible for participants on mobile).

Discover How to Host a Virtual Press Conference with Your Account

MaestroConference’s innovative technology makes hosting a virtual press conference simple and easy. Our platform’s full range of options for inviting, managing and following up with the press provides your brand or organization with the tools it needs to run an effective press conference at any time, from anywhere.


Happy 4th of July!

The Team @ MaestroConference

P.S. Click here to watch the 3-minute video explaining how the new VoiceVoice platform works to bring an unlimited number of people into small groups- super engaging conversations on video.

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