Training Tool can help your Remote Sales Team

5 Ways Online Training Tools can help your Remote Sales Team

Once again, technology has transformed the conventional mode of operation in the workplace. Employees and employers alike are no longer bound by the concept of a brick and wall office space. In fact, the concept of having an entirely remote team to carry out all of your office functions is now possible and becoming in many ways the norm for many industries. According to human resources statistics, an overwhelming 67% of companies now adopt remote operations. Why?

Let’s go back to our statistics drawing board- studies show that employees become more productive when they work remotely. On the part of employers, they get to save more on overhead costs for space, extensive computer network, and of course, office supplies. No doubt, this concept is attractive to companies that wish to offer a cost-effective operation.

However, having a remote sales team requires so much more: you need to organize extensive online training via various tools. 

Why Online Training Tools Are Important For Remote Teams 

There are lots of intricacies and complexities involved in having a remote sales team. First, you have to deal with team members in different time zones. Second, some employees might get easily distracted, and some might have some trouble communicating and collaborating. To combat these issues, training tools for remote teams must handle these intricacies and complexities. 

Since the majority of the company’s communication occurs online, you can utilize online training tools to help your Remote Sales Team navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that having a globally dispersed sales team poses. Here are five good ways online training tools can help your team.

Improves Communication Skills

Great communication is key to getting the best from your Remote Sales Team. In fact, communication is the backbone of your operations since your team needs to be aware of the latest market trends or innovations from competitors. Therefore, utilizing cloud-based tools like Asana can aid collaboration, while live chat tools such as Skype can enhance communication, hence boosting your team’s productivity. These online tools give a user-friendly interface that aids your operations.  Moreover, these tools are much easier and preferable to communicating via long strings of email. Mind you, besides Asana and Skype, there are other online tools that can create the result you desire in your remote sales team.

Improves Time Management

Here’s one aspect in career development that’s lacking in most remote employees. The fact that they are not in a controlled environment (i.e. conventional office space), opens the room for a lot of distractions. It’s no surprise that remote employees find it difficult to manage their time and activities effectively. No doubt, this immensely affects their productivity. So, how can you train them (your employees) in the art of time management when they are far from you? Well, there are online Training tools that can help you to achieve that. By utilizing time management tools like Basecamp, it’s easy to implement these core values into your Remote sales team. What’s more? You can utilize questionnaires to get a better understanding of how best you can help them to improve their skills and productivity over their time.

Upgrades Skill Levels

Online training tools provide your remote employees with the right skill to carry out their activities. By utilizing training tools such as Coursera or Udemy, employees can easily upgrade their skill level at their own pace. In fact, these training tools are considered cost-effective and better than most organized physical training. Companies can also create a list of online resource tools or tutorials for their employees to use for training. More so, it serves as a go-to guide for employees when they are faced with difficult issues. Want to take it a step further? Provide office simulation training to boost their interpersonal skills. Additionally, provide them with the necessary tutorials and tools to handle new software updates. No doubt, this will make your team more effective and open to new ideas.

Online Training Tool

Enhances Teamwork!

Yeah, it sounds unbelievable, right? As surprising as it might seem, you can actually boost teamwork via online training tools. In fact, recent studies support the fact that it’s easier to foster teamwork in remote employees than those working in an office building. Due to office politics, communication gaps, and different personalities, it’s difficult to build teamwork. With online training tools, however, you can easily foster teamwork in remote employees. Mind you, this is only possible if they are willing and that’s why it’s important to inculcate the right work ethics in your work space. So, have them embark on joint projects and other activities that will imbue them with the qualities of teamwork.

Helps To Rate Their Performance

Let’s face it: it’s a tad difficult trying to place tabs on the performance of your remote sales team. There are just so many metrics to consider that employees are often confused on how to rate their performance. Well, things have become easier with the advent of online tools which provide the necessary metrics for rating performance. Mind you, the benefits of these online training tools aren’t limited to the employers. Employees too stand to gain a lot from these tools since they can now know the metrics for rating their performance. No doubt, this is a win-win situation for all concerned parties.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to these online training tools, remote employees are able to work at a faster and more efficient rate. These tools take away the anonymity and inconsistencies that hovers around remote work spaces and transforms it into increased productivity. So, utilize these amazing online training tools to bring out the desired result for your brand or company.

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