Subtle Change is Stirring

There is a subtlety our world is moving into.  It feels soft around the edges.  It has focus without requiring linearity.  It has many facets…

…It provides the opportunity to look at dreams as more than REM sleep.

We invite you to discover more about the world of dreams as MaestroConference welcomes a Melissa Virtue webinar.  The Certified Dream Interpreter dives into a world beyond science, one of archetypes and mythology.  There are two series available:

…It questions our traditional way of relating with things we often think of as tangible and concrete, like building a business foundation.

MaestroConference is supporting Susanna Maida as she prepares for an upcoming webinar event, Partnering with the Soul of Your Business.  Susanna opens up a new realm for relating to your business:

 If you shift to seeing your business as a living entity that’s separate and distinct from you, it opens the possibility for you to have a relationship with it. And in that relationship, you can ask your business how it wants to authentically express itself and what it needs from you to do so.      -Susanna Maida

…It is an awareness that healing is not limited to pharmaceuticals but can be found in the ancient ways of healing from music and harmonics.

MaestroConference is honored to have hosted the webinar for Joanne Shenandoah, where she shared her magical and profound music. Joanne has partnered with the Center for Sacred Studies to offer the Instruments for Peace event.  The event concluded on September 18th, and we highly recommend the audio recordings which can be purchased here.

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