Supporting Organizations that Make a Difference

At MaestroConference, we’re grateful to align with organizations that are truly making a difference in the world. This week, we’d like to highlight two of them: the Pachamama Alliance and Pace e Bene.

By offering a platform that supports intentional conversations, we provide a structural tool for their regular organizational meetings, and help them dialogue with the world about their mission.


The Pachamama Alliance was founded in 1997 by John Perkins and Lynne and Bill Twist. The Pachamama Alliance’s mission is two-fold: to preserve the Earth’s tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are its natural custodians; and to contribute to the creation of a new global vision of equity and sustainability for all. Their website has a great video that talks about the story of the Pachamama Alliance.  They’ve also begun educating the public about sustainable change, through their Awakening The Dreamer symposiums and a campaign called Up to Us. To get involved in the Pachamama Alliance rainforest work, click here. To become a volunteer at Up to Us, click here.

pace e bene1

Pace e Bene was founded in 1989 by the Franciscan Friars of California. Their mission is “Transforming our lives and our world through nonviolence education, resources, and action.” There are a number of powerful avenues Pace e Bene has taken to support nonviolence.

campaign non violenceThe first, Campaign Nonviolence, is a new, long-term movement to mainstream active nonviolence — making nonviolence an obvious and natural way of living, and of fostering a world that works for all. There are a myriad of ways to get involved, from education to organizing to action.

forThe second, The Fellowship of Reconciliation, is composed of women and men who recognize the essential unity of all creation, and have joined together to explore the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict. While it has always been vigorous in its opposition to war, FOR has insisted equally that this effort must be based on a commitment to achieving a just and peaceful world community, with full dignity and freedom for every human being. To get involved, click here.

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