January is National Mentoring Month

Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month?  Why is this so significant, and how does MaestroConference and our Social Conferencing technology play a role?

Mentoring can come in many different forms.  It can come from our parents, our grandparents, teachers, employers, or friends.  It can also come from professionals such as coaches, educators and trainers.  We can be mentored in all subjects, professions and areas of interest.  

The power of being a mentor or receiving mentoring is multilayered.  It ties us to the cycle of giving and receiving.  It imbues reciprocity.  It celebrates the uniqueness of each of us and honors the aspects of our personality that allow us to teach and learn. It shows the magic of scalability.  When mentoring is offered individual to individual and done repeatedly by many individuals, the benefit becomes exponential and collective.

MaestroConference understands the power of mentorship and supports it through its unique platform.  For example, the International Coach Federation is able to have thousands of coaches gather virtually from all over the country for its events.  The True Purpose Institute uses the power of breakout groups and small group discussions to mentor their leaders in voice dialogue techniques.  The Wisdom 2.0 conference uses MaestroConference’s technology to create diads for mindfulness mentoring. 

We invite you to celebrate the power of mentoring this month, and offer you this challenge: How do you imagine using MaestroConference enhance your mentoring experience? We’d love to hear from you.  

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