MaestroConference CEO Brian Burt on Holacracy at the Enlightened Business Summit

The Enlightened Business Summit, a series of conversations hosted by the Shift Network, just concluded. It featured the likes of Deepak Chopra, Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, Tim Kelley, and MaestroConference’s very own CEO Brian Burt.

During the event, these successful conscious business people shared the strategies, tactics and practical tools they have used to create thriving businesses that embrace a new paradigm.

In Brian’s conversation with Stephen Dinan, CEO of the Shift Network, Brian shared his insights on holacracy. It’s a social technology for purposeful organizations, allowing people to participate with intelligence and organizations to tap into the “Collective Intelligence & Energy” of its team members. Here in the MaestroConference office, it’s our way of life! It’s transformative, empowering and engaging.

You can listen to the interview here:
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