MaestroConference is Community

MaestroConference is community.  We understand how we’re shifting and evolving as the human race.  Collectively, we’re moving from “I” centered to “Us” focused.  This fundamental change is at the heart of Christopher Kyle’s free social conferencing event From ME to WE: Ending the Culture of the Lone Wolf.

MaestroConference is community. In this process of moving from “Me” to “We”, an understanding of our unique and powerful inner voice, our inner wisdom, can guide us on this path of change. Amy AhlersInner Wisdom Golden Circle provides the community and social conferencing event that supports this inner dialogue and empowered transformation.

MaestroConference is community.  We’re clear that as we move to a more “We” focused reality and have the power of our inner wisdom to guide us, we discover our individual purpose plays a key role in this new reality.  How we work together and collaborate effectively is also fundamental to this new paradigm. The True Purpose Institute is hosting a social conferencing event titled An Introduction to the Collaborative Operating System (COS). This powerful tool will be discussed by Mark Voorsanger and Liz Myers.  To learn more about COS, click here.

MaestroConference invites you to answer the question: How do I play a role in this shift from “Me” to “We” and how can I support community in this process?

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