Getting Ahead for the New Year

MaestroConference wants to give you a taste of the types of courses we regularly support.  These transformational leaders offer regular social conferencing events that can help you become the best YOU possible.  As the new year approaches, we encourage you to check their websites to find courses that will transform you during 2014.

Our first visionary is Jillian Middleton.  She’s an expert in savvy marketing and cultivating powerful business relationships. Talk to Anyone is a practical program designed to build your confidence and put you into business building action so your productivity can soar. To learn more about her courses, visit here.


Our second inspirational leader is Mary Mackenzie. She’s a leader in non-violent communication, and has first hand experience with the power of meditation and how it can help balance your life. This includes purposeful communication, awareness in your relationships, and finding a peaceful avenue for personality disputes.  To learn more about Mary’s offerings and her social conferencing events, visit her website.

 Our final highlight is a leader in global change who is passionate about helping you live your destiny.  Jean Houston teaches courses to help you discover the essential tools and techniques to activate your unique destiny code and live your highest calling. For example, her 7-week social conferencing event Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose has been recorded and is available in digital format. To learn more about Jean and her work, visit her website.


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