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25 Janby Politics, Virtual Collaboration

Why Was 2016 Such a Shocking Year in Politics?

Trump and Brexit - Shocking Political Results

2016 was a strange year in politics, with Brexit and Trump shocking everyone, even those who voted for them! However, the main reason they were such a shock is because almost nobody predicted such outcomes, with the exception of some political science models. But why was this? Firstly, we don’t want to turn this into

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1 Julby Marketing

Introducing the Movement Accelerator! Your Guide to Accelerating a Movement

Aside from dance parties, movements can grow in many different ways. For example, President Obama’s campaign was one of the first to really use a successful grassroots social media campaign. MaestroConference was one of the tools that Obama For America (OFA – now Organizing for America) used to support the campaign and grow a national,

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1 Mayby Customer Stories

How to Run an Exceptional Social Conferencing Event

What are some formats for conversations that engage and inspire your stakeholders? Here are some ideas that we’ve compiled. Unconference People self-organize into the topics that are of most interest to them. This creates knowledge sharing and action around topics that participants care about most. Here’s an example: Wisdom 2.0, a conference on mindfulness in

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3 Febby Uncategorized

VoiceVoice -Purposeful Conversations with Cutting-Edge Technology and Best-Practice Facilitation: A Media Example

To quote content marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk: great content marketing means “stop talking and start listening, create great content, and reach audiences through niche producers.”   But how to do this – and why? We’re noticing that live events with custom content are increasingly becoming a trend… and there’s a reason why.  Technology has given

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