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Amazing Conversations: People Actually Talking

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Numerous research studies suggest that people learn more and retain more information when they feel involved and included in the discussion i.e. when they’re talking with someone as opposed to when they simply sit back and listen to someone speak at them.

There’s just something uniquely powerful about people actually talking.

Our company exists to light up the world with the power of those special, amazing conversations where everyone can participate fully and feel involved and included. That often means people talking in many parallel small groups, guided or facilitated by a central host. Everyone can contribute, meet others, vote, take notes and otherwise apply themselves. And that makes these conversations better for learning, fostering relationships and inspiring real-world actions

Some people refer to this particular format of conversation as “facilitated, guided or hosted.” Those in a teaching context call it “active learning.” We’ve been describing them as “purposeful conversations” i.e. amazing conversations that can change the world through dialogue and action.

These conversations are:

  • Action-focused facilitated or self-organized conversations, on an interactive technology platform.
  • People can connect by phone, computer, or mobile device.
  • Focused on real conversations (people speaking, not typing) with dynamic small groups; depending on the events, they may also be writing / crowdsourcing / voting / posting.
  • Deliberative, and relationship-building, and which result in action.

These conversations are not:

  • A passive broadcast webinar or online video to watch.
  • An in-person conference.
  • A typed chat room or tweet-chat.
  • A typed comment thread.

This particular format of conversation can be incredibly powerful, yet is highly under-utilized nationally as well as globally.

It is our mission to leverage our technology to introduce these conversations that scale to dozens, thousands or even millions of people, all while allowing everybody involved to fully participate with their voice, their input and their ability to relate with others. Stay tuned for more info about how we plan to do that…


Amazing Conversations - What They Are vs. What They are Not



Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez
Director of Marketing, MaestroConference
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