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25 Janby Politics, Virtual Collaboration

Why Was 2016 Such a Shocking Year in Politics?

Trump and Brexit - Shocking Political Results

2016 was a strange year in politics, with Brexit and Trump shocking everyone, even those who voted for them! However, the main reason they were such a shock is because almost nobody predicted such outcomes, with the exception of some political science models. But why was this? Firstly, we don’t want to turn this into

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6 Augby Tips

10 Habits of Amazing Facilitators

When you host an event or present to an audience, you have a purpose. Whether you are connecting thought leaders, helping people generate new ideas, build your organization or educate a group, you want your audience to be engaged. This means inspiring people towards action. Here are 10 habits of amazing facilitators: 1. They Know

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6 Mayby General

Driving Results through Engaging Conversations

Think about the average webinar. Participants sign in and the facilitator greets them. The facilitator gives his or her presentation for about an hour or so. The participants may or may not pay attention, depending on their interest level. A Q&A session sometimes follows. The facilitator bids the participants adieu and maybe follows up with

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