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25 Janby Politics, Virtual Collaboration

Why Was 2016 Such a Shocking Year in Politics?

Trump and Brexit - Shocking Political Results

2016 was a strange year in politics, with Brexit and Trump shocking everyone, even those who voted for them! However, the main reason they were such a shock is because almost nobody predicted such outcomes, with the exception of some political science models. But why was this? Firstly, we don’t want to turn this into

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14 Aprby General, How We Work, Local

The Conversation String with an Idea is King

Conversations are the driving force that shapes changes in the world. In Catherine Novak’s article, “Why Conversation, not Content is King,” she argues that content without conversation is pure “broadcasting or advertising.” And we couldn’t agree more. She quotes author and activist Cory Doctorow’s keen observation, “Conversation is King, content is just something to talk about.” In other words,

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18 Novby General

MaestroConference and Conscious Business

Today, businesses and the corporate world aren’t undergoing a facelift – it’s more like a heart transplant.  We’re seeing significant changes in the workplace around conscious business practices, and MaestroConference is proud to be part of this transformation.  Here’s a bit more about some of the leaders we’re collaborating with. Brett Thomas is the co-founder

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10 Sepby General

MaestroConference – Supporting Your Health

This week’s highlights are all tied to supporting your health: from all around well being, to innovative healing methods, to Aikido. Our first highlight is Gay Hendricks.  We’re proud to help powerful transformational leaders like Gay not only present their social conferences, but we also help them prepare for these big events.  So keep an

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17 Junby General

MaestroConference Highlights – week of June 17th

Many of you are familiar with MaestroConference’s web conferences that are offered by authors, coaches and transformational leaders.  We’re also proud to support customers in the political realm – everything from President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, to supporting the US Senate.  This week, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow hosts a web conference using our platform for meetings

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