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25 Janby Politics, Virtual Collaboration

Why Was 2016 Such a Shocking Year in Politics?

Trump and Brexit - Shocking Political Results

2016 was a strange year in politics, with Brexit and Trump shocking everyone, even those who voted for them! However, the main reason they were such a shock is because almost nobody predicted such outcomes, with the exception of some political science models. But why was this? Firstly, we don’t want to turn this into

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30 Novby Tips

How to Facilitate Really Great Events

Have you ever wondered how to have a really great event? A great online event is similar to an in-person conference – great events require a little bit of advance planning: thinking through logistics, A/V details, and extra help on the day of the event. Here’s a checklist for you to consider. 1. Strategy Before

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6 Julby Tips

Top 10 Worst Webinar Mistakes

Good webinars are hard to find. After years of hosting and attending events, we came up with this list of the top 10 worst webinar mistakes people make to help you avoid the same pitfalls. Mistake #1: Not Engaging Your Audience Creating an environment that is engaging can be a challenge. Some ways to keep

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1 Julby Marketing

Introducing the Movement Accelerator! Your Guide to Accelerating a Movement

Aside from dance parties, movements can grow in many different ways. For example, President Obama’s campaign was one of the first to really use a successful grassroots social media campaign. MaestroConference was one of the tools that Obama For America (OFA – now Organizing for America) used to support the campaign and grow a national,

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1 Junby New Features

Get More Professional-Looking Event Invitations with Custom Branding

Are you looking to improve how your audience perceives your brand? MaestroConference has built the tool you’ve been waiting for – a way to customize your branding using our platform. Our Custom Branding add-on contains a “white-label” version of our platform, so your participants get a consistent experience of your brand and message. Custom Branding

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