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28 Julby Tips

Top 5 Tools to Maximize Audience Engagement for Webinars

Ways to Maximize Webinar Audience Engagement

Looking to improve engagement with your audience during your webinar events? Attendees checking emails, people getting up and walking away to use the restroom, audience members searching for Pokémon in the room…we understand the frustration! Which is why we’ve written this article. Discover 5 tools you can use to maximize engagement for your next event,

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6 Julby Marketing

5 Must-Have Components for Amazing Virtual Event Emails

Components of Amazing Virtual Event Emails

When planning a virtual event, there are literally dozens of things to check off your to-do list.  One of the primary elements of your strategy should include pre and post virtual event emails. To get the most out of your email communications, here are a few basics to include in each email: Personalization The most

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29 Junby Marketing

8 Ways to Elevate Your Webinar Promotions


If you build it, they will come…right?  Not exactly. One of the biggest challenges webinar hosts face is attracting an audience to the event.  We’ve put together a list of eight ways to elevate your webinar promotions that you can use for your next event to guarantee you’re attracting the right audience for your event.

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26 Junby General

Host a Virtual Press Conference Using MaestroConference


MaestroConference’s innovative technology makes hosting a virtual press conference simple and easy. Our platform’s full range of options for inviting, managing and following up with the press provides your brand with the tools it needs to run an effective press conference at any time, from anywhere. This is why numerous campaigns and advocacy organizations, such

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30 Decby General, Tips

What You Can Do About Unproductive Meetings in The New Year

Stay Productive

Would it surprise you to know that businesses waste billions of dollars every year on unproductive meetings? Start by putting your best foot forward and check out these tips to make your meetings more productive! Stick a “pin” in conversations that will take your meeting off-track. Even the best planned meetings can run off-course.  If

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