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5 Ways Online Training Tools can help your Remote Sales Team

Training Tool can help your Remote Sales Team
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Once again, technology has transformed the conventional mode of operation in the workplace. Employees and employers alike are no longer bound by the concept of a brick and wall office space. In fact, the concept of having an entirely remote team to carry out all of your office functions is now possible and becoming in many ways the norm for many industries. According to human resources statistics, an overwhelming 67% of companies now adopt remote operations. Why?

Let’s go back to our statistics drawing board- studies show that employees become more productive when they work remotely. On the part of employers, they get to save more on overhead costs for space, extensive computer network, and of course, office supplies. No doubt, this concept is attractive to companies that wish to offer a cost-effective operation.

However, having a remote sales team requires so much more: you need to organize extensive online training via various tools. 

Why Online Training Tools Are Important For Remote Teams 

There are lots of intricacies and complexities involved in having a remote sales team. First, you have to deal with team members in different time zones. Second, some employees might get easily distracted, and some might have some trouble communicating and collaborating. To combat these issues, training tools for remote teams must handle these intricacies and complexities. 

Since the majority of the company’s communication occurs online, you can utilize online training tools to help your Remote Sales Team navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that having a globally dispersed sales team poses. Here are five good ways online training tools can help your team.

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How To Make Meetings People Won’t Hate Attending

How to Make Meetings That People Won't Hate Attending
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It’s no secret – most of us love to hate meetings.

In article after article, study after study, research and anecdotal evidence suggests that meetings are easily one of the least popular workplace activities. And for good reason, as most are boring and in many cases amount to a complete waste of time and money.

In fact, a study conducted by Verizon Business revealed that a full 1/3 of meetings are unproductive – completely ineffective. Most meetings suffer from having no clear purpose or objective, they are neither inspiring nor motivating and are too often organized by weak presenters who are unprepared and overly redundant.

Regardless, meetings will remain commonplace in today’s team-based work environment, so you’ll simply have to make the effort to improve them.  There are many tried and true ways to do this – sending out invitations early, setting an agenda, encouraging participation, etc. – but even with these measures, most meetings still turn out dreary and dull.

So, let’s take it a step further. Let’s go beyond the run of the mill advice, with some lesser used, more creative tips that will help you spark engagement and foster productive, effective meetings that people won’t mind attending.

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Top 10 Worst Webinar Mistakes

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Good webinars are hard to find. After years of hosting and attending events, we came up with this list of the top 10 worst webinar mistakes people make to help you avoid the same pitfalls.

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