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Our Biggest Announcement to Date – Equity Crowdfunding

[Dec. 12 Update: Given the faster-than-anticipated success of our top rated Equity Crowdfunding campaign, we’ve decided to close this initial round once we have $200,000 in escrow (currently at 79% of our goal), put the funds to use increasing revenue, and reopen next year with a proportionately higher valuation. ~J.M.] 


MaestroConference’s Equity Crowdfunding campaign is live! Equity Crowdfunding is like Kickstarter but for equity- and allows anyone to invest as little as $100 to share in the community, the ownership, and the financial upside of a successful technology company.

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Learn why we chose to launch this crowd-driven campaign, how we as a company plan to put money back into the pockets of our investors, and how our team will use the funds raised through this campaign to change the world.

It’s never been a better time here at MaestroConference:

  • The White House became a paying customer (of course, Obama for America has been a customer for years now)
  • Recent hosts on the platform have included Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Bernie Sanders, Pharrell Williams, Olivia Wilde, and Joe Biden
  • Our participation in, and a six figure investment by, one of the world’s most prestigious technology accelerators – 500 Startups
  • The upcoming release of our much-anticipated video conferencing (video-in-breakout and simple video meetings) feature … and we’re just getting started!

With the funds raised through our Equity Crowdfunding campaign, we plan to launch worldwide conversations that have tremendous social impact AND the potential for exceptional profits for those who would like to partner with us as investors.  

Why crowdfunding?

Our company creates engagement at scale. Likewise, crowdfunding allows us to engage the most people at scale, rather than a wealthy few with a venture capital portfolio. We’re excited that we can now offer our crowd, our community, this option to join us as investors at a time when we’re on the verge of explosive growth.

We’ve just launched, and it would mean the world to us if you invested, provided some feedback on our profile. Early momentum is crucial. Join with us to support our customers as they create a better world.

With our sincerest gratitude,

The Team @ MaestroConference

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