This Week on MaestroConference

MaestroConference is proud to support a myriad of social conferencing events.

 Two Arrows Zen Center is offering their course  Integral Immersion 3 – Your Practice is Your Life this week.  The Center was founded by Diane Hamilton and Michael Zimmerman.  These two Senseis have been revolutionizing the concept of Dharma studies by offering innovative remote teaching methods, including tele-courses, virtual temple days, and on-line koan study.  This week’s course is just one example of how Michael and Diane have merged meditation and intentional conversation with technology.

Another powerful social conferencing event is called  Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, hosted by Craig Hamilton, Founder of Integral Enlightenment,  and Jean Houston, Co-founder of the Human Potential Movement.  This event addresses questions such as “What does it really mean to live a life of purpose?” and “How does one truly follow the heart’s yearning for greater spiritual fulfillment and communion?”  This event is offered by Evolving Wisdom, today’s fastest growing global e-learning community specializing in transformative education and intentional conversations.

Our last highlight for this week is Lev Natan’s  Sacred Business Program: Weekly Medicine Circle Calls.  Lev is the founder of The Medicine Tree Center, where his focus is to to steward the emerging sacred business culture.  If you’re interested in aligning your spiritual path with your business, please visit Lev’s website at The Medicine Tree Center.

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