What do we love about our CEO? Let us count the ways.

It takes a unique and dedicated individual to see the interconnectedness of the world and understand that each voice is unique and needs to be heard – that it has a specific role in global conversations. It takes a visionary to create a company whose mission is to light up the world with the power of meaningful, large-scale conversations.

Someone who believes intentional conversations that connect live voices can build relationships, develop minds, open hearts, and change the world.

We at MaestroConference have been drawn to support this company and its mission because of one man, Brian Burt. As CEO of the company, he has been an inspiration to us all. Therefore, we (the Maestro Conference team) have dedicated this blog to him. It’s our way of giving back and sharing with you!

What we love about Brian…

  • I love his dedication to his cause and ability to reflect back on himself as well as others. I also think it’s rare to see a person appreciate his colleagues and their contribution on a daily basis. -Petr, Rocket Growth Engineer

– Brian is passionate about fulfilling the company’s mission – he lives and breathes it. He knows and understands our customers, their needs, and how we can best serve them in their mission.  -Mark, Chief Visibility Generator

  • I love his self-awareness and willingness to own his stuff and clean up the messes he makes. His bold leadership and decisiveness. His willingness to be ultimately responsible for the company and the thousands of people it affects, near and far. His balance of personal kindness with non-personal holding the greater vision. -Adam, Client Satisfaction Orchestrator

– I love Brian’s focus on lighting up the world through life altering conversations. I appreciate how he cares about how people benefit from intentional conversations. I appreciate how he walks his talk – how he lives his life in accordance with his principles. -Joshua, Client Success Engineer

  • What I love about Brian is that he is a caring and giving person. He understands that corporations are composed of human beings and he respects all employees as such. It is rare to find an employer with whom we can be honest, without receiving some sort of retaliation. He sure would deserve a mug with the inscription “Great chief”. –Thais, Backoffice Magician

– I love Brian because he has the vision and clarity to want to change the world. His idea of what a company should be like, is also pretty awesome. –Aubrey, Client Satisfaction Specialist

  • Brian has the ability to look at the challenges that are facing MaestroConference, take action and create solutions from both an external and internal focus. He understands an effective way of serving MaestroConference’s is by addressing his internal “perceived limitations”. He excels at this level of awareness and is committed to his transformational growth and therefore improving MaestroConference from the inside out. -Gina, Conscious Leader Advisor

– He is not afraid to apologize or to to admit when he is wrong. In my experience, this is perhaps the rarest trait I’ve seen in CEOs or company owners. He is always aware and attuned to the feelings of those around him and he likes to take care of his employees. If he rejects something, he does it with a reason and shares what that reason is. To date, he’s never said “It’s like this because I say so and that’s it.” He has his challenging days like everyone, but there are more days when he is endearing, calm and understanding. -Maria, Product Genius

  • Brian is super respectful and receptive to people’s personal needs. He speaks his mind, even if it means being blunt. (This is something I actually appreciate a lot, it means he is less pretentious.) -Imran – The Man Behind the Curtain

So raise your glass and let’s give a toast to our fantastic CEO, Brian Burt!

— MaestroConference Team

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