10 Audio Visuals to Take your Event to the Next Level

Audiovisual technology has been integrating event planners with attendees in fascinating ways throughout events. With every passing year, ingenious audiovisual trends continue to overflow the technological industry to a new extent.

2019 aspires to be the touchstone of this continual audio-visual evolution with more whip-smart event marketing attributions.

So in this list, we are jotting down the top-notch 10 audiovisual trends to keep on your next event checklist.

  1. 3D Holographic Visualiser
  2. Kinetic audiovisual Installation
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Real-time Social Media Wall Platform
  5. Intelligent lighting: Laser lighting with Moving Heads
  6. Capacitive Touch Screen- Projection Blend Display (interactive walls)
  7. Innovative 3D Projection Mapping
  8. Interactive Mirrors
  9. Multi-Gesture Technology
  10. Dynamic Lighting effects: GOBO

  1.  3D Holographic Visualiser

Why limit the sensorial perception of an event to the audiences when can you create a synthetic visualization on your own? 3D holographic visualizer installation has been the “wow factor” AV trend in recent times because of its dynamic range of interactive outcomes in their corresponding fields.

This revolutionary AV technology not only displays three-dimensional animations, but also allows the animations to float around the event space freely with the most realistic flick of motion pictures. From large-scale corporate conventions to different project launching ceremonies or live music concerts, with the most engaging audience integration techniques 3D holographic display presentation is the ultimate AV technology standard in the upcoming years.

       2. Kinetic Audiovisual Installation

Imagine a synchronized spatial light animation system in your event that can sublimate the breathtaking stunts with dynamizing sound effects. It’s the latest intelligent AV technology trend for an ultimate areal show.

Audiences want to experience something exhilarating in each show since the latest technological furtherance set the standard high. With the spectrum of colours, this luminous kinetic AV installation overlays a spectacular, high-structure lighting display that moves with the audio syntax and plunges the audiences into a ballet of amusement. This dynamic AV solution is perfect for fundraisers, charity events, exhibitions, concerts, stage shows, gala nights and much more.

       3. Augmented Reality

Even among all cutting edge AV trends for events that have been continuing to shape the statement of latest event concept, augmented reality is still the key catalyst for innovation. This three-dimensional computer-generated AV technology forms a digital overlay to the reality, in conjunction with digital devices like digital projectors, olfactory devices, AR glasses etc. to create an interactive, multi-sensory experience.

In technological expos, trade shows or corporate mixes, the large proportion of the event budget used to be spent on different management logistics. But just by setting an augmented reality to the event, attendees can be immersed because of the endless possibilities this AV technology can create. With several functional gradation and narratives- this augmented reality for events is a game-changing phenomenon for 2019 and the years onwards.

       4. Real-Time Social Media Wall Platform

As the most authentic form of on-spot marketing and sponsorship boosting, creating a real-time tech-savvy atmosphere in events has no alternative.

With a tailored stream of social media hashtags, live videos and contents, real-time streaming has become the most dynamic, real-time AV platform. In recent times, the unprecedented growth of audience engagement and repeatable ROI have been noticeably significant because of the live streaming access in events.

By collating user-generated images, videos, hashtags, contents (UGC), text updates and customized display options- event organizers can boost virtual attendees, help track responses of future events and increase the possibilities of future revenues. This real-time analytic tool is specially designed for speaking sessions, conferences, expos, QA sessions, campaigns, etc. so audiences can share their opinions with the rest of the community.

       5. Intelligent Lighting: Laser Lighting with Moving Heads

The intelligent lighting system is a pre-programmed moving fixture located on the top of the truss totems and columns of the venue. This system automatically operates the spectrums of colours, placement of lights throughout the event. Even though this intelligent lighting system has been used in events like award ceremonies, live music shows, gala nights and fundraisers for many years- this system is never to die out.

For immersive audience engagements in your event, intelligent lighting is now expected to be used in smaller events as well, mostly because of the effortless flow of lights for highlighting and projecting the particular aspects of an event. With a digital mesh of visual unpredictability and attention-grabbing sound in sync, an intelligent lighting system is one of the must-haves in event organizers list.

      6.  Capacitive Touch Screen- Projection Blend Display (Interactive Walls)

Source: Google

A capacitive touch screen is a smart interactive AV solution in event settings and application that incorporates multiple proprietary technologies with stimulating image blending and altering systems with LED diffusion layers, an acute recipient for interactive experiences event of the slightest touch.

This AV display uses IR sensors to captivate an audience with custom visuals. An event with these interactive floor systems is sure to leave an impression. These displays can be installed in any walls, and be receiving data from the captured board right on time. With these sound responsive and producing interactive display walls, upcoming events are surely expected to generate sensorial exhilaration more and more.

       7.  Innovative 3D Projection Mapping

Temporary sensorial deception must be a pleasant escape from reality. The ballistic popularity of 3D projection mapping trend in AV industry 2019 holds the statement although the immersive response and public consciousness regarding 3D mapping were first flicked by major public events in different landscapes in Sydney including the Sydney’s Vivid Festival.

In addition to thematic audio effects, this innovative technology transforms traditional event venue into the most realistic portrayal of sunrays in the midnight or the mesmerizing interstellar stars in the day-time.

One of the vital reasons why 3D mapping is visually stimulating is because this technology projects vivid 3D motion images across the rugged, complex landscape to a more significant extent. Not only that, but this projection technology also integrates architectural elements and monuments with a smooth transition of colours, images, videos- literally anything.

       8. Interactive Mirrors

Virtual interactive mirrors are only real-time virtual audio-visual motion system. For community events like film screenings, audits, business campaigns, trade shops- interactive mirror installation will surely go extra length for you. This RFID technology solution can boost the integration with the audience.

Different fashion chains are implementing this technology to help audience morph the way they perceive themselves! The analyzing data system of the interactive mirror is mind-blowing. With hand directions and voice commands, these mirrors show daily and weekly data chart, motion pictures, 360-degree mirror image photography and multi-reflective gesticulations. More than that, this interactive mirror can directly integrate with social media! Activities, images from the interactive mirrors can be spread across the globe, right on the spot.

For big events like project launches, conventions, product promotions- interactive mirrors are probably the smartest AV choice.

       9. Multi-Gesture Technology

Multi-gesture technology is an interface AV technology with the ability of a gesture detecting system that simultaneously senses input from multiple users. In any speaker-viewer sessions set in events, this gesture technology can induce the connection between the speaker and the content in more powerful ways. Since this technology doesn’t require any conventional devices like remotes or touch pads, the kinetic aspect navigated by body gestures helps the audience be more engaged, more driven into the discussion. In executive event settings like business conferences, speaking sessions, workshops- this AV technology is being incorporated as a great alternative.

       10. Dynamic Lighting Effects: GOBO

A chunk of audience engagement factor depends on the right lighting effects your event has to offer. Static lighting gets too mundane; the flickers of lights with different patterns and shapes buzzing around the culinary displays with automated musical upbeat can instantly bring the rejoice among the attendees.

Gobo is a short term for “Go Between Optics”. In the recent event market, this stenciled circular disc comes for different LED fixtures in many diameters. While it’s not a new addition to the AV technology like the other trends in this list, for affordable event plans and popularity, GOBO is still a great AV alternative.

Let 2019 be the year you turn audiovisual gimmick into an integral part of event marketing, an inevitable communication tool between the audiences. Event marketers, business owners or even entrepreneurs should take these mind breaking AV trends into consideration to take their event to the next level.

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